Fellowship Workshops and Seminars

Thinking about science from a new angle

What is IOL, does it work and how is it experienced by the student?

The fellowship has explored these questions in hands-on workshops, seminars and key note presentations.

In the workshops participants experience an inquiry-oriented experiment leading to an examination of the:

  • experiment from a student perspective;
  • scaffolding of activities which would best support students;
  • challenges faced by students carrying out the experiment;
  • challenges faced by academics in supporting students in inquiry-oriented experiments;
  • professional development that may be needed for academics facilitating learning through inquiry-oriented activities;
  • unique learning opportunities offered by inquiry-oriented experiments;
  • process of developing, trialling and evaluating such experiments.

In expanding the national conversation on inquiry in higher education it is the intent of the Fellowship to advocate that students’ interests are at the core of that conversation. The workshops are intended to add value to that conversation.

Thoughts from the workshops


August 2011

“It struck me after the workshop that an inquiry based approach would be entirely suited to our course.”

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Flinders University

August 2011

“The best aspect of
the workshop was
thinking about
science labs from
a new angle.”

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September 2011

“Having a hands on inquiry experience illustrates and stimulates.”


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Strathclyde University

October 2011

“The best aspect
was the interaction
with others in
discussing approaches.”

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Adelaide University

December 2011

“The workshop made me think about what I am trying to do in/with the labs. It is important to keep reminding myself of the purpose.”

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At the core of the Fellowship’s is the desire to stimulate the national higher education teaching and learning conversation to focus on student centred learning, enhancing the recognition and value of IOL. One way we are articulating and promoting the need for change is through the Fellowship seminars. Read more Fellowship Workshops and Seminars

When? Where? What?
December 2015 Global Engineering Deans Council conference, Adelaide Inquiry-oriented learning.
November 2015 Monash University An exploration of inquiry-oriented learning: Harvesting waste heat
July 2015 STARS conference, Melbourne A hands-on exploration of learning through inquiry
December 2014 AIP Congress, ANU Two decades of inquiry-oriented learning in physics laboratories
November 2014 Deakin University Inquiry-Oriented Learning: A hands-on exploration
July 2014 UTS Learning2014 forum Partners in Inquiry:Enhancing the scope of IOL activities
July 2014 Monash University Inquiry-Oriented Learning: Drivers, benefits and challenges
June 2012 University of Waikato NZ Inquiry-oriented learning: What is it and how do we make it happen?
May 2012 Massey University NZ Changing practice towards inquiry-oriented learning: How do we make it happen?
May 2012 University of Otago NZ The research-teaching nexus: Who does it benefit?
May 2012 Melbourne University Changing practice towards inquiry-oriented learning: How do we make it happen?
May 2012 Office for Learning and Teaching A Fellowship Unpacked
April 2012 University of Tasmania Service teaching for diverse needs and futures
March 2012 Murdoch University The undergraduate science laboratory:what is it good for?
February 2012 Curtin University Inquiry-oriented learning: Definitions, drivers and dissemination
February 2012 Monash University Inquiry-oriented learning: Definitions, drivers and dissemination

Key note presentations

When? Where? What?
September 2011 INFORMA conference (presented with Catriona Bonfigioli, UTS) Realising the teaching-research nexus: an impracticable ambition for the first year of university?
November 2011 Adelaide University, Festival of Learning and Teaching The teaching-research nexus forging links at first year. Presentation Audio & Slideshow
May 2012 University of Technology Sydney, inaugural UTS Teaching and Learning showcase Research – integrated learning and the student experience