About the Forum

What, who, why and where


An ALTC National Teaching Fellowship Forum on Inquiry Oriented Learning (IOL) in Science. Titled ‘Enhancing learning in science through inquiry and technology’ took place on Tuesday 25th September 2012 at the University of Technology, Sydney.

The one day national forum – IOL 2012 – blended expert keynote speakers, topic driven presentations and panel discussions to provide ideas, tools and techniques to support student learning through inquiry.

Discovering ‘how things work’ through inquiry is essential to progress in science.  Students are given few opportunities to engage in inquiry as part of their undergraduate experience, especially in their first year of study.  Adopting a student-centred, activity-intensive, approach to learning IOL places students at the core of their own learning; engaging and stimulating both learning outcomes and student self belief.

This forum is recognition that the capacity to ‘learn through inquiry’ is an essential attribute of students graduating in science. Through IOL activities, students engage with scientifically based questions that have no predetermined answer; develop and implement approaches to address those questions; refine their approaches in order to enhance the quality of the evidence they gather, formulate conclusions based on the evidence and then communicate their conclusions.



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