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Our mission is to mainstream science IOL activities that enhance student learning and engage, challenge and inspire students. Read more about how we intend to deliver.

IOL is a student-centred, activity-intensive, approach to learning. We have collected evidence, collated and created resources and provided useful links to connect you to IOL ideas and tools. Read more

Connecting you with the latest in IOL news and events. Read more

We have a unique opportunity to work with partner academics and universities in adopting IOL. Read more about the IOL networks and follow the activities of our partner groups.

Mick Healey (UK) and Gabriela Weaver (US) were keynotes at IOL 2012 Enhancing Learning through Inquiry and Technology to take place at UTS on 25th September 2012. Read more

The fellowship has explored IOL through hands-on workshops, seminars and key note presentations. Read more about these events and what participants thought.